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  • What is xuchang.com?

    We are an online service that provides you the tools to create and send newsletters simplified.

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  • Pricing

    Newsletters can be sent by credits or by plan. We are actually about 25% cheaper than others.


  • First month free!

    To celebrate the launch, the first month of your plan is completely free for up to 10.000 subscribers.


  • Our dashboard provides the tools to Send campaigns as easy as possible

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    Handcrafted & marketplace worthy email newsletters. Designed by the best email designers around the world. We even launch bundles now and then.


    The sweet spot of xuchang.com. An innovative editor which let's you build newsletter within minutes.


    Extremely fast, secure & we provide the same deliverability rate as MailChimp.

    We provide accurate and live
    campaign analytics.


    1 credit per recipient. It's that easy. Stay flexible with Pay As You Go.

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    Do you send frequently? A plan suits you better.

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    Plan 3,000

    $60.00 / monthly

    Special Thanks to the Developers Worldwide

    They have created beautiful templates for you.

    Developer? Get familiar with our language


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